Reliant Health Consulting (RHC): Specializing in Health and Wellness is a resource for individuals and organizations who want to stay up to date with current health care topics. These include:

Reliant Health Consulting’ founder, Katherine Conway, is a health care veteran with more than 25 years in the industry. Ms. Conway is a graduate of UCLA’s Factor School of Nursing and The Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Ms. Conway presently is a professor at West Coast University, Los Angeles. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the following areas:

Ms Conway’s extensive experience encompasses Education, Quality Improvement and Administration. Ms. Conway has held numerous management posts at Magnet Medical Centers throughout Southern California. Her former positions include Director of Women’s Comprehensive Health Services and several management positions at multiple teaching hospitals in Southern California and Vancouver Canada.

Ms. Conway is also a Certified Professional in Health Quality (CPHQ). The combination of a strong educational and clinical background provides Ms. Conway with an unique advantage as a Health Care Consultant.

Ms Conway has worked as an RN in England, Israel, Canada, and the United States.